Afternoon Tea

Tea Time_final


In my hometown, there is no “Afternoon Tea” culture. However nowadays, this social value is slowly well-known in Thailand.  I am feeling quite please about ‘Afternoon Tea’ because it is a small break that I could sneak out from busy work.

My Way of Afternoon Tea

01 Choose your favorite tea (rose tea and chamomile tea for me). Also can be teabag or loose tea then add boiled water in a pot or a cup. And leave to brew for 4-5 minutes. The sugar and milk are for the addition.

Tea Time_1

02 It is Sweet’s time! I have been waiting all day long for this moment. Bring the strawberry shortcake out and arrange on a cute ceramic plate and serve yourself with a cup of tea.

Tea Time_2     03  Lay back on a comfortable chair then slowly sip the hot tea, softly bite the cake. After sitting for a while then suddenly realize that I have many unfinished works.Tea Time_3


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