Time for Apple Pie


‘Shall we bake the yummy apple pie?’
If this question pops up in your mind, the only answer I will give to you is ‘Yes, we should!’. Firstly, it is not hard to do at home (in case of having your own oven) and the available ingredients are inexpensive. Moreover, the great reason to bake an apple pie is ‘Homemade is the best!’


You can find a yummy recipe in many good baking books or blogs. But fortunately, you may know some friends who have a secret recipe from their great-grand mother. Then do not hesitate to ask them to join your baking time.


When you are at the market, let’s just not look for your needed stuffs. But try to survey other seasonal or local foods because maybe they will be your next special meal.


See? Your fresh baked apple pie is totally smell so good! Now it is time to nibble the chewy homemade apple pie :>


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